Walk with LED Video and Kinetic Sculpture at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport

At Brussels’ Zaventem Airport, a 30,000 pixel video and kinetic sculpture runs above travelers on their way the baggage reclaim hall. The installation was jointly set up by ArKaos, a real-time video processing company, and a visual designer Koert Vermeulun of creative agency ACTLD.

(Image: ArKaos)

The animated installation, which is placed in the ceiling, is a 100 meters long with a combination of low and medium resolution LED strips and panoramic video panels. Its display shows a loop of content 24-7 to provide information of the city to the passengers arriving at the main International Terminal.

ArKaos took charge of the control system for the installation, utilizing Kling-Net solution which is designed to process data for LED strips. The LED strips and panels were manufactured by Lucenti, another Belgian company, with the Kling-Net chips supplied by ArKaos and embedded in the strips.

The LED strips and panels are arranged in a special pattern, turning the surface into a large canvas that can be view from up to 200 meters away. The timing of the video loop is optimized to follow the travelers’ fast-moving pace.


(Image: ArKaos)